Breakthrough in food security with Dutch knowledge of saline agriculture

Thursday 02 March 2017

Crop field on Salt Farm texel

Dutch scientists have found a method for growing certain crops on salinized, non-arable farmland. This is truly an innovation, since food production on salinized soil has always been considered impossible. It was discovered that...Read more

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North Sea Region Climate Change Assessment (NOSCCA) published

Thursday 15 December 2016


The North Sea Region Climate Change Assessment offers an up-to-date review of our current understanding of climate change in the North Sea and adjacent areas, as well as its impact on ecosystems and socio-economic sectors.Read more

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Position paper on utility of Bayesian Belief Networks for analysing cumulative effects

Tuesday 01 November 2016

Cover report

At the request of the Wadden Academy, ecologist Dr Eelke Folmer has written a position paper explaining how Bayesian Belief Networks (BBNs) can be utilised to analyse cumulative effects in the Wadden Sea.Read more

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