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Summer School UniCOAST

24-28 augustus in Wilhelmshaven, Germany

In coastal systems there are direct interactions between biotic and abiotic elements of the system, which cannot be described and understood by exclusive consideration from one discipline alone. This is a particular challenge for MSc and doctoral candidates and young professionals who still have received a predominantly discipline-bound university education.

The summer school uniCOAST wants to help closing this gap by providing partcipants with professional and personal tools to be able to act effectively in the interdisciplinary context of coastal research. With a focus on the Wadden Sea region, the course provides insights into the basics of some related disciplines such as biology, sedimentology, ecological economics or coastal engineering in theory and will then put them into practise in field and laboratory practicals.  
Additionally, we address and reflect on interdisciplinary as well as intercultural aspects including forms of communication.

Candidates that are interested in learning more about the different disciplines involved in coastal research and how to work together more effectively, can join from

24.-28. August 2020 in Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

Details on the programme and registration procedure on the summer school’s website