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Swimway Conference

24-26 September 2019 in Hamburg, Germany

The SWIMWAY conference on understanding connectivity within the life cycles of coastal fish, will takes place from 24-26 September 2019 in Hamburg, Germany.

During the conference participants enthusiastic about fish in the Wadden Sea and other coasts will gather to present and discuss drivers of fish populations utilizing coastal marine environments during their ontogeny, identifying potential bottlenecks throughout the life cycle and, eventually, evaluating current management measures. Organized by the Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation´s SWIMWAY Group in cooperation with the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat, the event welcomes scientists, managers, policy makers, NGOs and other stakeholders concerned with fish in coastal areas to contribute. Exchanging and connecting knowledge and expertise between diverse experts and stakeholders will form a pivotal part of the meeting. Interactive breakout sessions will allow identifying fields of collaboration, expanding and organizing knowledge and ensuring long-term engagement of relevant stakeholders.

Submission deadline for abstracts is 31 May 2019

More information about the programme and online registration: