Call for papers Green Skills Forum 2014 in Paris

The Forum Green Skills and Innovation for Inclusive Employment Growth will be held at OECD headquarters in Paris on Friday 28 February 2014. The Forum is addressed to researchers, government advisers, employment and policy analysts and social partners working on skills development and training needs for a sustainable future.

The challenges of greening the economy and the implications for employment and skills vary across regions and local areas, depending on the economic and industrial structure, as well as the current and potential for innovative activities. Despite these differences sustained and inclusive economic and employment development is a shared objective for policy makers. 

The Forum will investigate skills and knowledge needs for an inclusive environmentally-friendly growth, with a special focus on integration between low carbon and innovation policies.

The organisation would like to invite contributions from researchers and policy analysts interested in contributing to two identified themes of the Forum:
Theme 1: How can low carbon activities be key to competitive and inclusive growth?
Theme 2: What are the new approaches for strategic policy coordination for a low carbon economy?

Deadline for submission is 22nd July 2013

More information for abstract sumbmission: