Conference ISISA 2017 completed

The 15th ISISA (International Small Island Studies Association) conference took place on Kangaroo Island (Australia) from 2 to 7 July.

[Translate to english:] De overhandiging van de vlag. Op de foto van links naar rechts: Peter Clements van Kangaroo Island, president van ISISA Godfrey Baldacchino enklaas Deen, secretaris van de Waddenacademie.

The conference was organized by the Small Islands Studies Association (ISISA), the organization engaged in the study of small islands.

About 100 scientists from all over the world were warmly welcomed by the local community, which was a good idea for a successful conference in which scientific knowledge and insights and local practical knowledge were linked. See results of the Conference ISISA2017

Klaas Deen, Executive Secretary to the Board of the Waddenacademie, presented the outline of the 16th ISISA conference which will be held in Leeuwarden and Terschelling from 10 to 14 June 2018. He received the flag, which was the final part of a successful conference.

See the presentation Klaas Deen (pdf 3,6 Mb).

The Wadden Academy organizes in cooperation with Leeuwarden Cultural Capital 2018, Oerol, University of Groningen, Leiden University and KITLV in 2018 from 10 to 14 June in Leeuwarden and at Terschelling the 16th ISISIA congress. The theme will be: The Changing future of Islands. Read more about Symposium ISISA2018.