New report "OURCOAST experiences related to governance of the wadden region"

The Wadden Academy is interested to know which lessons can be teased out from the OURCOAST database on the topic of governance of similar environments in Europe.

[Translate to english:] Rob Steijn (Arcadis) presenteert de resultaten van het OURCOAST rapport

The Wadden Academy asked ARCADIS to explore the database and to come up with suggestions for good governance of the Wadden region. The report OURCOAST experiences related to governance of the wadden region can be downloaded als pdf-file.

During the 13th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium November 2012 Dr. Rob Steijn (Arcadis) presented the results of this report. He suggested that the approach used in the UK, with a good representation of local stakeholders in decision-making processes, is worthwhile to analyse in more detail. Possibly elements of this approach could be applied in the management of the Wadden Sea Region. A video of the presentation of Rob Steijn can be watched.