OURCOAST final brochure presented

The final OURCOAST Brochure “Integrated Coastal Zone Management: OURCOAST outcomes and lessons learned” is now available online, as well as the Executive’s Summaries translated in ten languages.

Cover Ourcoast brochure

In this Brochure “Integrated Coastal Zone Management: OURCOAST outcomes and lessons learned” you will find the lessons learned and outcomes of the OURCOAST initiative together with recommendations on how to further develop and implement ICZM in Europe.

The European Commission has launched the OURCOAST initiative to support and ensure the multi-lingual exchange of experiences and best practices in coastal management in Europe, so that the integrated approach to coastal zone management is further promoted throughout Europe, ultimately aiming for a sustainable use of coastal resources. After three years of running the initiative, OURCOAST has shown that exchanging coastal planning experiences, opens debates, allows broad dissemination of project data, and at the same time respects the differences in management approaches and budgetary opportunities.

However, reaching the end of the 3-year project does not mean that the OURCOAST initiative is finished. On the contrary! OURCOAST is an ongoing initiative that will be continuously available on the European Commission DG-Environment website http://ec.europa.eu/ourcoast/. You can find there all relevant ICZM documents and contribute to it by making your practise and experience known. It is expected that ICZM case studies will be added, used and that the OURCOAST community will be constantly growing. Please provide your views, feedback and become or stay an active participant in the implementation and development of ICZM in Europe.

More information about the publications: on the OURCOAST website.