Paper Waddenacademie on science-based management in the Wadden Sea Region

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In a paper in the international scientific journal Ocean & Coastal Management, the Waddenacademie and co-authors sketch the challenges that the Wadden Sea Region is facing in relation to global change and globalization. An integrated social-ecological systems approach is proposed for dealing with these challenges. The essential characteristics of this approach are strong interdisciplinarity and a focus on aspects of scale and cumulative processes. The paper will be published in autumn. It is already available online.

The authors of the paper are the members of the board of the Waddenacademie, Dr. Tim van Oijen (researcher Waddenacademie), Prof. Karsten Reise (AWI Wadden Sea Station Sylt), Prof. Wim Wolff (University of Groningen) and Prof. Morten Pejrup (University of Copenhagen). 

The paper is part of a special issue of the journal Ocean & Coastal Management. In this issue the proceedings are published of the international symposium ‘Towards a trilateral research agenda’ that was organised by the Waddenacademie in Leeuwarden in December 2010. 

At the 13th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium (ISWSS), which will be held in Leeuwarden on 21-23 November 2012, printed copies of the special issue will be available. This edition of the ISWSS is organized by the Waddenacademie.

The Wadden Sea Region: Towards a science for sustainable development (pdf 0,5 Mb). 
Authors: Pavel Kabat, Jos Bazelmans, Jouke van Dijk, Peter M.J. Herman,Tim van Oijen, Morten Pejrup, Karsten Reise, Hessel Speelman, Wim J. Wolff.