Two open access papers on the Ems available

Two articles on the Ems-Dollard area have been published in open access, thanks to a temporary fund of the Waddenacademie in order to stimulate researchers to publish in open access.

[Translate to english:] Eems-Dollard geulen vanuit de lucht. Foto: beeldbank RWS-Joop van Houdt.

The impact of channel deepening and dredging on estuarine sediment concentration (pdf 5,1 Mb)

In: Continental ShelfResearch 95(2015)1–14.
Auteurs: D.S. van Maren, T.van Kessel, K.Cronin, L.Sittoni

Fine sediment transport into the hyper-turbid lower Ems River: the role of channel deepening and sediment-induced drag reduction(pdf 6,1 Mb)

In: Ocean Dynamics April 2015, Volume 65, Issue 4, pp 589-605, link
Auteurs: Dirk S. van Maren & Johan C. Winterwerp & Julia Vroom