Workshop "Indicative Mapping of the Maritime Heritage of the Wadden Sea"

From 25-27 September a workshop is taking place at the Kreishaus Nordfriesland in Husum (Germany).

Wrakkenkaart Texel

The workshop is a follow-up of the Ribe workshop, held last year, at which it was recommended to continue working on the maritime heritage.

The objectives of the workshop are to:
(1) Discuss and agree on indicative mapping as an approach for mapping of the maritime
heritage of the Wadden Sea and on the basis hereof
(2) Outline a common project indicative mapping, supported by partners.
A further aim in this context is to accomplish a better integration of conservation and heritage

A small working group consisting of Jos Bazelmans, Cultural Heritage Agency of the
Netherlands, Hauke Jöns, Institute of Historical Coastal Research, Manfred Vollmer, Wadden
Sea Forum, Jens Enemark, Common Wadden Sea Secretariat and Ulf Ickerodt, have in
the meantime worked on the issue and prepared the workshop.

Programme of the workshop "Indicative Mapping of the Maritime Heritage of the Wadden Sea".