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Dr. Katja Philippart appointed as board member 'Waddenacademie-KNAW'

07.12.2012 12:45 Age: 6 years
Category: Ecologie, Press release, Waddenacademie, English
By: Waddenacademie
Katja Philippart speaking on the trilateral Wadden symposium 21-23 november 2012. Photo: Zwanette Jager

Katja Philippart is a renowned scientist with excellent communication skills. She studied Biology at Wageningen University and received her doctorate in 1994 on ‘Eutropication as a possible cause of decline in the seagrass Zostera noltii of the Dutch Wadden Sea’, supervised by prof. dr. Wim Wolff. Katja (co-)authored numerous publications, especially on the functioning of the Wadden Sea, and currently is the PI and coordinator of two large interdisciplinary Wadden Sea projects, IN PLACE and WaLTER. Katja will provisionally be appointed until 1 july 2014.For additional information, please contact Klaas Deen, secretary Waddenacademie-KNAW.