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NIOZ Launching the Wadden Systems Research Centre

10.04.2015 11:42 Age: 4 years
Category: General, Internationaal

NIOZ has collected all her knowledge on Wadden systems around the world in a brand new Wadden Systems Research Centre.

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Thanks to their high productivity, intertidal mudflat areas accommodate large numbers of the world’s young fish and migratory birds, and also supply great opportunities for human use of natural resources such as fisheries and aquaculture. Sustainable solutions for managing these areas require multi-disciplinary scientific knowledge and practical knowhow.

 For more than 100 years, multidisciplinary teams of NIOZ have gained specific insights and expertise on the functioning of the Wadden Sea, which became World Heritage in 2009. More recently, studies in other intertidal mudflat areas in Mauritania, Australia, Alaska, Oman and China have broadened our expertise, including the design and deployment of innovative monitoring technologies. 

The website ( supplies an overview of the scientific expertise (e.g., transport of suspended sediments, prey-predator interactions), the facilities (e.g., mobile monitoring platforms) and the services (e.g., data portal) that the centre offers. International courses and training in the theory and practice of research in Wadden systems are presently developed. The website also includes several presentations on Wadden system research.

See the website: