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Trilateral Wadden Sea Symposium discussed at Wadden Sea Board

11.03.2013 10:32 Age: 6 years
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By: Waddenacademie

At the meeting of the Wadden Sea Board on 6 March in Hamburg Prof. Jouke van Dijk, chairman of the Wadden Academy presented the main findings and recommendations of the International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium (ISWSS) which was held in November 2012. He presented the results on behalf of the trilateral Wadden research community.

sheet presentation Jouke van Dijk

Van Dijk stressed the importance of trilateral, cross-discipline research for the sustainable management of the trilateral Wadden Sea area. The management model of Australia's Great Barrier Reef was hereby presented as a possible future perspecitve.

He also mentioned the possibilities for financing trilateral research and institutional options for the trilateral research. The Wadden Sea Board will respond to the proposals of the trilateral research community at short notice.

More information about the symposium November 2012.

Presentation of Jouke van Dijk in Hamburg.