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Waddenacademie discusses bilateral Danish / Dutch research call

16.01.2012 11:47 Age: 7 years
Category: Internationaal, Waddenacademie, English
By: Wadden Academy

The board of the Wadden Academy visited Copenhagen at the invitation of the Danish research institutions engaged in waddenrelated research on November 3. Host of the day was Prof. Morten Pejrup of the University of Copenhagen. The presentations of this meeting are available now, both in PDF and video.


Presentation during the meeting on 3 november

Danish and Dutch scientists at the meeting in Copenhagen

The program of the day  was twofold: In the morning and in the first part of the afternoon, there were presentations by Danish scientists from different disciplines and institutions. 

During the second part of the afternoon the possibilities to come to a Danish / Dutch Wadden research call was was discussed, attended by a representative of the Danish sister organization NWO. This conversation will certainly continue. 

The scientific presentations are available on the website of the University of Copenhagen, both in PDF and video.