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ISISA Newsletter July 2018

Thursday 23 August 2018

Excursion during ISISA 2018 Conference on Terschelling

The International Small Islands Studies Association (ISISA) released a newsletter with a short report of the 16th Islands of the World ISISA conference "The Changing Futures of Islands" in Leeuwarden and on Terschelling.Read more

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Pavel Kabat receives Austrian Cross of Honor

Thursday 28 June 2018

Pavel Kabat receives the Austrian Cross of Honor for Science and Art, First Class (Österreichisches Ehrenkreuz für Wissenschaft und Kunst I. Klasse) from Jakob Calice, Secretary General of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. Photo: IIASA

IIASA Director General and CEO Professor Dr. Pavel Kabat has been awarded Austria’s highest honor for services to science.Read more

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World conference on Dutch island of Terschelling

Monday 02 July 2018

Excursion in the dunes of Terschelling. Photo: Gerard Roos

The Dutch city of Leeuwarden and Island of Terschelling were the setting for the 16th ISISA Islands of the World Conference 2018, held from 10 to 14 June and entitled ‘The changing futures of islands’. More than 140 researchers...Read more

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Short film about Sea-level rise, Subsidence and Sedimentation in the Dutch Wadden Sea

Thursday 07 June 2018

Short film Sea-level rise, Subsidenca and Sedimentation in the Dutch Wadden Sea

During the National Congres "Wadden Sea World Class' May 17 in Leeuwarden, the short film about Sea-level rise, Subsidence and Sedimentation in the Dutch Wadden Sea was released. Read more

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Trilateral Research Agenda officially presented

Thursday 17 May 2018

Jouke van Dijk, chairman of the Waddenacademie, presented the Trilateral Research Agenda to the Wadden Ministers of Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. Foto: Henk Postma

Earlier this day, Jouke van Dijk, chairman of the Waddenacademie, presented on behalf of the trilateral scientific community the Trilateral Research Agenda to the Wadden Ministers of Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands at the...Read more

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Pavel Kabat Chief Scientist and Research Director World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

Friday 23 March 2018

Pavel Kabat. Photo: IIASA

The World Meteorological Organization has appointed Pavel Kabat as its first chief scientist and research director. He will lead the overall strategic direction of the WMO science, and its underlying research activities,...Read more

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Three PhD-scholarships at Universität Hamburg

Tuesday 06 March 2018

Researchers at work on the salt marshes. Foto: Stefanie Nolte

For the project WEPPS "Warming Effects on Plant Soil interplay and ecosystem functioning in Wadden Sea Salt marshes” Universität Hamburg is searching for three PhD candidates ont he topics Soil Ecology, Plant Ecology and Soil...Read more

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Wadden Sea World Heritage Summer School 2018

Friday 23 February 2018

Flyer Summer School 2018

During this two-week summer school in August, master students and early PhD students will explore the natural dynamics of the Wadden Sea together with scientists on the islands of Sylt (D), Spiekeroog (D) and Texel (NL). Read more

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Dead shells important for return flat oysters in the Wadden Sea

Tuesday 20 February 2018

Flat oyster, Ostrea edulis. Photo: Eric Gibus via

In particular, empty cockleshells provide the main settlement substrate for flat oyster larvae. But also Japanese oysters and many other shellfish species are suitable for the flat oyster. The differences are mainly determined by...Read more

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Utrecht University appoints Katja Philippart Professor by Special Appointment of 'Productivity of Coastal Marine Ecosystems'

Wednesday 07 February 2018

Katja Philippart. Photo: Vincent Basler

On February 1st, Dr. Ir. Katja Philippart was appointed as a Professor by Special Appointment at Utrecht University on the chair in 'Productivity of Coastal Marine Ecosystems', established by the Royal Netherlands Institute for...Read more

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Quality Status Report 2017 gives multi-faceted analysis of the Wadden Sea

Friday 26 January 2018

[Translate to english:] Het Wad bij Holwerd

Geomorphology and climate, habitats and communities, species, human activities, and pollution of the Wadden Sea are the main areas of analysis in the Quality Status Report 2017 (QSR).Read more

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Seal counts 2017: Harbour seal pup count reaches all-time high; overall population stagnates

Friday 10 November 2017

Seals. Photo Kees van der Krift. Beeldbank RWS

During the 2017 aerial surveys for harbour seal counts, the number of newborn harbour seal pups in the Wadden Sea registered was the highest since the first surveys in 1975. In the same year, the overall population decreased...Read more

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ISISA Newsletter July 2017

Tuesday 15 August 2017

Klaas Deen presented on Kangaroo Island the outlines of the coming ISISA Conference

The International Small Islands Studies Association (ISISA) released a newsletter with a short report of the 15th Islands of the World ISISA conference on Kangaroo Island.Read more

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Wadden Sea Day 2017 Partnering for World Heritage

Thursday 10 August 2017


On 31 August 2017, the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat and the National Park Lower Saxon Wadden Sea will hold the annual Wadden Sea Day at the UNESCO Wadden Sea World Heritage Visitor Centre in Wilhelmshaven.Read more

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Online survey on risk perception in the Wadden Sea Region

Friday 14 July 2017

Zon op het Wad foto:TS

Helmholz Center Geesthacht (HZG) and the Wadden Sea Forum (WSF) invite the general public in the Wadden Sea region to take part in an online survey.Read more

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Conference ISISA 2017 completed

Thursday 13 July 2017

Handing over the flag. On the picture from left to right: Peter Clements of Kangaroo Island, President of ISISA Godfrey Baldacchino Enklaine Deen, Executive Secretary of the Wadden Academy.

The 15th ISISA (International Small Island Studies Association) conference took place on Kangaroo Island (Australia) from 2 to 7 July.Read more

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14th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium works towards Trilateral Research Agenda

Tuesday 16 May 2017

Scientists from Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands discussed common research goals at the 14th ISWSS.Read more

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14th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium started in Tønder

Tuesday 09 May 2017

Opening of the conference in Tønder ISWSS14. Photo: CWSS

How many fish and mussels can be taken from the Wadden Sea without disrupting the ecosystem? How will climate change and rising sea-levels influence the flora and fauna of the Wadden Sea? How can tourists enjoy the Wadden Sea...Read more

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Job Offer Common Wadden Sea Secretariat

Monday 08 May 2017

Aerial picture of het wadden area near Schiermonnikoog. Photo: Joop van Houdt. Beeldbank RWS

The Common Wadden Common Wadden Sea Secretariat (CWSS) in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, is seeking to recruit, as soon as possible, a "Programme Officer, Emerging Issues, Science and Data Management".Read more

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Draft Trilateral Research Agenda published

Tuesday 02 May 2017

Cover draft Trilaterale Onderzoek Agenda

The draft Trilateral Research Agenda is public and will be discussed next week at the 14th International Scientific Wadden Sea Region Symposium in Tønder, Denmark.Read more

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How sediment living animals are affected by environmental pollution

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Worms on a mudflat

In his doctoral thesis, Joao Leite Gusmão Junior investigates how the ecological function of sediment-living animals, such as cockles and worms, is affected by environmental pollution, changes in their habitat, and the arrival of...Read more

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Breakthrough in food security with Dutch knowledge of saline agriculture

Thursday 02 March 2017

Crop field on Salt Farm texel

Dutch scientists have found a method for growing certain crops on salinized, non-arable farmland. This is truly an innovation, since food production on salinized soil has always been considered impossible. It was discovered that...Read more

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PhD Candidate: Boundary Arrangements in Flood Risk Management

Thursday 02 February 2017

Dijk op Ameland

The Radboud University is looking for a PhD Candidate: Boundary Arrangements in Flood Risk Management Read more

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North Sea Region Climate Change Assessment (NOSCCA) published

Thursday 15 December 2016


The North Sea Region Climate Change Assessment offers an up-to-date review of our current understanding of climate change in the North Sea and adjacent areas, as well as its impact on ecosystems and socio-economic sectors.Read more

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Position paper on utility of Bayesian Belief Networks for analysing cumulative effects

Tuesday 01 November 2016

Cover report

At the request of the Wadden Academy, ecologist Dr Eelke Folmer has written a position paper explaining how Bayesian Belief Networks (BBNs) can be utilised to analyse cumulative effects in the Wadden Sea.Read more

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Members of the Young Wadden Academy at the Frankfurter Book Fair

Monday 24 October 2016

Mans Schepers and students at work in the Classroom of the future at the Frankfurter Book Fair 2016

Mans Schepers and Nora Mehnen have been at the Frankfurter Book Fair 2016 to present the Young Wadden Academy at the Classroom of the Future 2016 - Lighthouse for ideas.Read more

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Waddenacademie appoints first five members of the "Jonge Waddenacademie"

Friday 01 July 2016

Researcher in the field. Photo: Rob Jungcurt

In 2015 the Waddenacademie decided to establish the "Jonge Waddenacademie". This step was taken to encourage researchers to study the Wadden Sea Region, preferably in multidisciplinary teams.The Waddenacademie also wants to...Read more

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Ecopotential researchers meet on the shores of the Wadden Sea

Tuesday 28 June 2016

[Translate to english:] Droogvallend onderzoeksschip op het wad. Foto: Harry van Reeken.

Ecopotential is a Horizon 2020 European research programme for internationally acknowledged conservation areas that include the Wadden Sea in the Netherlands, and other areas in Europe such as the Camargue (France), the Sierra...Read more

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Waddenacademie on International Conference Fish Passage 2016

Friday 17 June 2016

Tuesday June 21 Katja Philippart (Board member of the Waddenacademie Ecology portfolio) will present on the International Conference Fish Passage 2016, in Amherst, USA.Read more

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Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation launches framework for the protection of breeding birds in the Wadden Sea

Wednesday 25 May 2016

Eggs in the sand. Breeding birds Wadden Sea. Foto: pixabay.

The Joint Monitoring Group for Breeding Birds (JMBB) has launched a framework for an action plan for the protection of breeding birds in the Wadden Sea. Read more

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Seagrass responses to interacting abiotic stresses

Tuesday 08 March 2016

Seagrass. Foto: beeldbank RWS.

Environmental stress such as low and high levels of nutrition, high hydrodynamics and light deprivation can cause seagrass to experience stress and even break. Yayu Anugrah La Nafie defends her thesis "Seagrass responses to...Read more

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Wadden on Island Conference in Greece

Monday 18 January 2016

The island of Schiermonnikoog. Photo: Beeldbank RWS Joop van Houdt.

The “International Small Islands Studies Association”, ISISA is organising the 14th International Conference “Niss(i)ology and Utopia: back to the roots of Island Studies” on Lesbos Island, Greece, on 23 - 27 May 2016. The...Read more

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Options for socioeconomic developments in ICZM for the tri-national Wadden area

Monday 16 November 2015

Today the article "Options for socioeconomic developments in ICZM for the tri-national Wadden area" is published by the international scientific journal Ocean and Coastal Management.Read more

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Effects of vegetation patterns and grazers on tidal marshes

Monday 14 September 2015

[Translate to english:] Koeien en schapen grazen op de kwelder bij de Punt van Reide. Foto: Waddenacademie.

Increasing grazing pressures threaten grasslands on a global scale. Therefore, it is important to understand the impact of grazers on the functioning of an ecosystem. Kelly Elschot focused her study on the effects of small and...Read more

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Fish Strategy Wadden Sea

Tuesday 09 June 2015

Cover report

It is clear that fish populations have declined in the Wadden Sea since the 1980’s.Read more

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NIOZ Launching the Wadden Systems Research Centre

Friday 10 April 2015

Banner WSRC

NIOZ has collected all her knowledge on Wadden systems around the world in a brand new Wadden Systems Research Centre.Read more

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Two open access papers on the Ems available

Monday 23 March 2015

Photo: beeldbank RWS-Joop van Houdt.

Two articles on the Ems-Dollard area have been published in open access, thanks to a temporary fund of the Waddenacademie in order to stimulate researchers to publish in open access.Read more

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Presentation Jouke van Dijk socio-economic developments in the trilateral Wadden area

Wednesday 25 February 2015

sheet presentation Jouke van Dijk

Last week Jouke van Dijk presented the paper "Options for socio-economic developments in the trilateral Wadden area" at the WRSA (Western Regional Science Association) congress in Tucson (USS). Read more

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Abstract submission deadline of the Fish Passage Conference 2015

Tuesday 20 January 2015

thumb fish conference

On June 22-24, 2015, the 5th Fish Passage Conference will be held for the first time in Europe, in the city of Groningen, The Netherlands. Hundreds of researchers, educators, practitioners, funders and regulators from across the...Read more

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Mow even later to save the godwit

Friday 09 January 2015

Godwit Foto: Rosemarie Kentie.

Meadows where godwits breed should only be mown after 1 July. This would be the most effective measure to call a halt to the continual decline in godwit numbers. This has been revealed by research conducted by Rosemarie Kentie,...Read more

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Bar-tailed godwits concentrate in Wadden Sea while their number decreases

Thursday 18 December 2014

Sjoerd Duijns.

Even though the number of bar-tailed godwits in the Dutch Wadden Sea has been on the increase since 1990, their numbers have been substantially decreasing along the entire East Atlantic flyway. ‘It seems there is a shift taking...Read more

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Rome Declaration presented at EurOCEAN 2014

Thursday 09 October 2014

logo Euocean 2014

Today, the Rome Declaration was presented at the EurOCEAN 2014 conference, an official event of the Italian EU Presidency. Read more

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Salt marshes for flood protection : long-term adaptation by combining functions in flood defences

Tuesday 07 October 2014

Salt marshes Schiermonnikoog. Photo: Joop van Houdt, beeldbank RWS.

On October 8 Jantsje van Loon will defend her PhD thesis at Wageningen University.Read more

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Waddenacademie organises international islands conference in 2018

Monday 29 September 2014

Aerial view of the island Schiermonnikoog. Source:, Rijkswaterstaat / Joop van Houdt

In 2018, the year Leeuwarden will be European Capital of Culture, the Wadden Academy is organizing an international conference on behalf of the International Small Island Studies Association (ISISA)Read more

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Doing nothing’ to maintain the dunes on East Ameland does not affect coastal safety

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Dunes East_Ameland

'Dynamic coastal management’ has been used to maintain the dunes in several areas on Ameland since 1990. In other words, nature has been allowed to take its course and few interventions have been made. Research carried out by...Read more

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Pre-announcement: 13th Symposium Waddenacademie

Thursday 26 June 2014

10 and 11 December 2014, the Waddenacademie and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO; the Dutch research council), organise a symposium focussing on Wadden Sea research.Read more

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Of dwarves and giants; How large herbivores shape arthropod communities on salt marshes

Thursday 19 June 2014

Grazing on salt marshes. Foto: TS

Livestock grazing is a commonly applied management type to maintain plant species richness on coastal salt marshes and other grassland types. The effects of this grazing management on invertebrates, however, are generally...Read more

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In the land of the Frisians – coastal identity in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands

Thursday 13 February 2014

Sunset in the wadden area. Photo: Beeldbank RWS, Harry van Reeken.

The Wadden Sea arouses the same feeling of regional identity in people living on the German coast as it does in their Dutch and Danish counterparts. This is the conclusion reached from an online survey of the inhabitants of the...Read more

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Trilateral Governmental Conference 2014

Friday 07 February 2014

Ministerial Council Meeting of the 12th  Trilateral Governmental Conference on the Protection of the Wadden Sea Foto: CWSS

The Trilateral Danish-German-Dutch Government Conference on the Protection of the Wadden Sea was successfully concluded in the town of Tønder, Denmark on 4-5 February 2014.Read more

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Constructed ecosystems reduce risk of flooding

Friday 13 December 2013

Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe. Foto:

In many locations throughout the world, protection against increasingly severe flooding can be improved by the construction of large ecosystems (e.g. tidal marshes and mangroves). In comparison with conventional flood-prevention...Read more

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Seal counts 2013 show moderate growth of population

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Aerial view of seal counts. Foto: Salko de Wolff Ecomare.

2013 was again a record-breaking year for Harbour seals in the Wadden Sea. The greatest number of Harbour seals, since the beginning of the Wadden Sea-wide seal count in 1975, were counted, informs the Trilateral Seal Expert...Read more

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Trends of Migratory and Wintering Waterbirds in the Wadden Sea 1987/1988 - 2010/2011

Friday 20 September 2013

Cover report

The Joint Monitoring of Migratory Birds (JMMB) Group presents 24- and 10-year trends on 34 migratory bird species based on trilateral count data until 2010/2011.Read more

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Jouke van Dijk elected President of the European Regional Science Association (ERSA)

Tuesday 10 September 2013

Jouke van Dijk

During its 53rd annual congress in Palermo, Italy, the European Regional Science Association (ERSA) elected Prof. Jouke van Dijk President for a period of five years.Read more

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Wadden Sea 2013: Celebrating 40 years of salt marshes research

Tuesday 03 September 2013

Wadden Sea Day 2013. Foto: CWSS

This year’s Wadden Sea Day was dedicated to the fascinating topic of salt marshes. Over 80 scientists, managers, policy makers and other Wadden Sea stakeholders participated in the conference to discuss challenges and prospects...Read more

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Report: Moulting Shelduck in the Wadden Sea 2010-2012

Tuesday 06 August 2013

Cover report

Evaluation of three years of counts and recommendations for future monitoring.Read more

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CWSS Wadden Sea Newsletter June 2013

Monday 24 June 2013


The Common Wadden Sea Secretariat (CWSS) regularly publishes a newsletter.Read more

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CWSS Wadden Sea Newsletter May 2013

Thursday 16 May 2013

[Translate to english:] Cover newsletter

The Common Wadden Sea Secretariat (CWSS) regularly publishes a newsletter. Read more

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Wadden Sea Breeding Birds at Risk

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Arctic Tern. Foto Luc Hoogenstein

Latest trends in breeding bird numbers show that 2/3 of all internationally monitored species breeding in the Wadden Sea have declining numbers. The trend over the past ten years even indicates that the rate of decline has...Read more

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Announcement Conference 'Deltas in Times of Climate Change II'

Thursday 04 April 2013

The conference 'Deltas in Times of Climate Change II' will be held in Rotterdam the Netherlands, September 2014. Read more

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Job opportunity: Assistant Professor Vulnerability and Sustainable Coastal Governance

Wednesday 03 April 2013

The Faculty of Spatial Sciences at the University of Groningen (RUG) has the intention to appoint an assistant-professor on the overarching theme of vulnerability and sustainable coastal governance. Read more

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Conference on European estuaries: large restoration measures needed for Ems

Tuesday 12 March 2013


On February 22nd 2013 the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) organised the Conference “Restoration of European estuaries: Ideas, approaches and implementation” in Leer, Germany. During the conference great concern was expressed regarding...Read more

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Trilateral Wadden Sea Symposium discussed at Wadden Sea Board

Monday 11 March 2013

sheet presentation Jouke van Dijk

At the meeting of the Wadden Sea Board on 6 March in Hamburg Prof. Jouke van Dijk, chairman of the Wadden Academy presented the main findings and recommendations of the International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium (ISWSS) which...Read more

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New report "OURCOAST experiences related to governance of the wadden region"

Tuesday 11 December 2012

[Translate to english:] Rob Steijn (Arcadis) presenteert de resultaten van het OURCOAST rapport

The Wadden Academy is interested to know which lessons can be teased out from the OURCOAST database on the topic of governance of similar environments in Europe.Read more

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Dr. Katja Philippart appointed as board member 'Waddenacademie-KNAW'

Friday 07 December 2012

Katja Philippart speaking on the trilateral Wadden symposium 21-23 november 2012. Photo: Zwanette Jager

Katja Philippart is a renowned scientist with excellent communication skills. She studied Biology at Wageningen University and received her doctorate in 1994 on ‘Eutropication as a possible cause of decline in the seagrass...Read more

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Geoscientific Research in the Wadden Sea Region: NJG special issue_online

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Netherlands Journal of Geosciences

In November 2012 a special issue of the scientific journal ‘Netherlands Journal of Geosciences’ is published.Read more

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Seal Count 2012: more seals than ever before in the Wadden Sea

Friday 02 November 2012

Foto: Salko de Wolf Ecomare

In 2012 the greatest number of Harbour and Grey seals since the beginning of the Wadden Sea-wide seal count in 1975 has been counted, informs the Trilateral Seal Expert group, consisting of experts from the Netherlands, Germany...Read more

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Special issue Wadden Sea of the journal Ocean and Coastal Management online

Friday 26 October 2012

In December 2010 the trilateral scientific symposium ‘Towards a trilateral research agenda’ was organised by the Waddenacademie and several international partners. The symposium has led to the publication of a special issue on...Read more

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Chair of Wadden Academy visits Japan

Thursday 18 October 2012

Prof. Jouke van Dijk with Prof. Hayashi (left ont he picture) in front of the oldest Castle in Inuyama.

Scientific Director Jouke van Dijk just returned from a visit to Japan. He was here at invitation of Yoshitsugu Hayashi of the Nagoya University as an expert to brainstorm about the Grene-city project and give an Invited Lecture .Read more

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CWSS Wadden Sea Newsletter October 2012

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Wadden Sea Newsletter no 27

The Common Wadden Sea Secretariat (CWSS) regularly publishes a newsletter. The newsletter links to the latest information on the website of the CWSS and waddensea-worldheritage. Read more

Category: English

Clever reproduction strategy makes dwarf eelgrass resilient

Saturday 29 September 2012

Foto: Beeldbank RWS

Dwarf eelgrass (Zostera noltii) in the northern Wadden Sea is much more resilient than previously thought. Changing circumstances in the sea therefore do not form a major threat to this species. A newly discovered survival...Read more

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International North Sea Days, 4 and 5 October, Egmond aan Zee

Friday 31 August 2012

North Sea Days 2012

Every year in The Netherlands, the ‘North Sea Days’ are organised. This is a platform where scientists, policymakers and industry interested in the North Sea meet.Read more

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Reflections on a changing landscape

Thursday 16 August 2012

photograph of the dune landscape of Terschelling.

European perspective in landscape researchRead more

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Preliminary programme 13th ISWSS now available

Thursday 26 July 2012

The preliminary programme of the 13th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium (ISWSS) entitled ‘An integrated approach to emerging challenges in a World Heritage site’ (21-23 November 2012, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands) is...Read more

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Paper Waddenacademie on science-based management in the Wadden Sea Region

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Cover Ocean & Coastal Management

In a paper in the international scientific journal Ocean & Coastal Management, the Waddenacademie and co-authors sketch the challenges that the Wadden Sea Region is facing in relation to global change and globalization. An...Read more

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Science-publication: Seagrasses survive thanks to subterranean symbiosis…

Monday 18 June 2012

segrass researchers in the field (foto: NIOZ)

It has always been a mystery why seagrasses are the only vascular plants that can survive at the bottom of the sea despite lethal concentrations of sulphides. In a joint study by the University of Groningen, Radboud University...Read more

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CWSS Wadden Sea Newsletter May 2012

Thursday 07 June 2012

Newsletter CWSS may 2012

The Common Wadden Sea Secretariat (CWSS) regularly publishes a newsletter. The newsletter links to the latest information on the website of the CWSS and waddensea-worldheritage.Read more

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Lecture ‘Mining, Mapping, and Accelerating Science and Technology’

Monday 07 May 2012

On June 6th Katy Börner, current KNAW Visiting Professor and guest at DANS and the e-humanities group, gives a public lecture on the topic ‘Mining, mapping and accelerating Science and Technology’.Read more

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Waddenacademie present at Wetsus workshop

Thursday 19 April 2012

Presentation by Oliver Schaetzle (Wetsus)

On April 19th, two members of the Wadden Academy were present at the Wetsus' theme meetings other workshops. Read more

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Waddenacademie meets at IIASA

Thursday 19 April 2012


On the 12th an 13th of April 2012 the meeting of the Board and the Advisory Committee of the Wadden Academy took place at a special location, IIASA in Laxenburg.Read more

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Climate Adaptation in the Dutch Delta

Tuesday 27 March 2012


The Dutch Delta is vulnerable to the possible consequences of climate change, such as sea level rise and higher river discharges. Strengthening the dykes to become ‘unbreachable’ (Delta dykes) may effectively reduce the flooding...Read more

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Waddenacademie will attend conference Planet under Pressure

Thursday 22 March 2012

Based on the latest scientific evidence, the London Planet Under Pressure conference, which takes place from 26 – 29 March, will provide a comprehensive update of our knowledge of the Earth system and the pressure our planet is...Read more

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Delta Alliance Young Professionals Award

Wednesday 14 March 2012

In line with the 2012 Rio+20 theme 'Green Economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication', Delta Alliance is looking for innovative and creative solutions to deal with the acute challenges that deltas...Read more

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Water and climate expert to lead global research institute

Thursday 02 February 2012

[Translate to english:] Paval Kabat. Foto: IIASA

Laxenburg, Austria – 01 February 2012 Water and climate expert Professor Pavel Kabat has been appointed Director of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria, effective today, February 1, 2012. Read more

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European Landscape congress in Fryslân

Thursday 02 February 2012

Landscape dunes Terschelling. Foto: Thea Smit

The 25th biennial congress of the Permanent European Conference for the Study of the Rural Landscape (PECSRL) will be held in Fryslân at 20-24 August 2012.Read more

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Waddenacademie discusses bilateral Danish / Dutch research call

Monday 16 January 2012


The board of the Wadden Academy visited Copenhagen at the invitation of the Danish research institutions engaged in waddenrelated research on November 3. Host of the day was Prof. Morten Pejrup of the University of Copenhagen....Read more

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Job Advertisement Scientific Officer Common Wadden Sea Secretariat

Tuesday 10 January 2012

[Translate to english:] Het kantoor van CWSS in Wilhelmshaven

The Common Wadden Sea Secretariat, Wilhelmshaven, seeks the employment, at the earliest possible date, of a Scientific Officer (m/f, full time) to coordinate and implement the Trilateral Monitoring and Assessment Program and to...Read more

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Publication "Back to basics. Natural dynamics and resilience on the Dutch Wadden Sea Barrier Islands"

Tuesday 20 December 2011

[Translate to english:] Cover

The Dutch Wadden Sea Islands originated some six thousand years ago. Since then they have changed continuously.Read more

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Pavel Kabat new director of IIASA

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Pavel Kabat. Foto: Zwanette Jager

Prof. dr. Pavel Kabat will become the new director of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) (  He will  start in this new international and highly prestigious...Read more

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Professorship for Wadden Sea Ecology

Monday 12 December 2011

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the Christian-Albrechts-University at Kiel, Germany, in a joint procedure with the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) in Bremerhaven, member of the...Read more

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Newsletter CWSS November 2011

Tuesday 29 November 2011

The Common Wadden Sea Secretariat (CWSS) regularly publishes a newsletter. The newsletter links to the latest information on the website of the CWSS.Read more

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Wadden Academy presentation at Delta World Summit 2011

Thursday 24 November 2011

Klaas Deen during his presentation in Jakarta

Delta World Summit 2011 took place from 21 to 24 November 2011 in Jakarta and was organized by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) / Delta Alliance - Indonesia Wing.Read more

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Robbert Dijkgraaf appointed Director of the Institute for Advanced Study

Monday 14 November 2011

[Translate to english:] Robbert Dijkgraaf (Bron: KNAW)

Robbert Dijkgraaf, current President of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, has been appointed Director of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. He will take up his post on 1 July 2012.Read more

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European Commission: towards pan-European joint programming

Tuesday 11 October 2011

A major step towards joint programming in marine and maritime sciences was carried out on 16 September when the European Commission issued its recommendation on the research joint programming initiative ?Healthy and Productive...Read more

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Wadden Academy at LOICZ conference in Yantai

Thursday 29 September 2011

Opening Ceremony in Yantai, China. 12 September 2011 (Bron: LOICZ website)

The Open Science Conference of the program Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone (LOICZ) was held from 12-15 September in Yantai (China).Read more

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Lévy Walks Evolve Through Interaction Between Movement and Environmental Complexity

Monday 11 July 2011

Ecological theory predicts that animal movement is shaped by its efficiency of resource acquisition. Focusing solely on efficiency, however, ignores the fact that animal activity can affect resource availability and distribution....Read more

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Newsletter CWSS July 2011

Friday 08 July 2011

The Common Wadden Sea Secretariat (CWSS) regularly publishes a newsletter. The newsletter links to the latest information on the website of the CWSS.Read more

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Vacancy TU Delft

Friday 01 July 2011

Part-time Professor of Morphodynamics of Lagoons & Estuaries at Delft University of Technology, Department of Hydraulic Engineering.Read more

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Workshop landscape en cultural heritage

Tuesday 24 May 2011

On 11-12 May 2011, a workshop on the landscape and cultural heritage of the Wadden Sea Region was held in Ribe on invitation by the Danish Cultural Heritage Agency in cooperation with the Danish Nature Agency and the CWSS (Common...Read more

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Open access and digital preservation for KNAW researchers

Thursday 19 May 2011

Early in 2011, the Academy adopted a policy on open access and digital preservation for its research organisation. This flyer is intended to clarify matters for Academy researchers. Read more

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Waddenacademie on Sylt

Tuesday 24 May 2011

In the front: Wim Wolff; from left to right: Pavel Kabat, Morten Pejrup, Jos Bazelmans, Peter Herman, Karsten Reise, Jouke van Dijk, Tim van Oijen, Hessel Speelman and Klaas Deen.

On 12 and 13 May 2011 the Waddenacademie visited the AWI Wadden Sea Station on the German island Sylt.Read more

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