Temperate Wadden Sea helps bar-tailed godwit adapt to climate change in the Arctic

Monday 15 October 2018

black-tailed godwit, on a mudflat in the Wadden Sea. Photo: Bart Vastenhouw via saxifraga

The amount of food in the Wadden Sea determines whether or not bar-tailed godwits will make it to their Siberian breeding grounds and back alive. In the latest issue of Nature Communications, Dr. Eldar Rakhimberdiev of the NIOZ...Read more

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International experts discuss sediment dynamics in the Wadden Sea

Thursday 06 September 2018

short film about sealevel rise, subsidence and sedimentation budget in the Dutch Wadden Sea

The only thing about the Wadden Sea that is constant is its continuous transformation: ebb and flood, wind and waves reform the mudflats, beaches, dunes and salt marshes on a daily basis. These strong natural dynamics were one of...Read more

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