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Prof. dr. ir. Katja Philippart (chair and Ecology portfolio)
Estuarine Ecologist at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) and Professor by Special Appointment at Utrecht University on the chair in 'Productivity of Coastal Marine Ecosystems', Department physical Geography.

Prof.dr. Piet Hoekstra, (vice-chair and Geoscience  and Climate portfolio)
Professor Physical Geography - Coastal Morphodynamics, Fluvial Systems and Global Change, University Utrecht.

Dr. Meindert Schroor, (portfolio: Cultural History)
Director of Bureau Varenius in Leeuwarden.

Prof. dr. Kees Bastmeijer (portfolio: Law and Nature)
Professor of Nature Conservation and Water Law at Tilburg University


Prof. dr. Pieter van Beukering (portfolio Economy)
Professor Environmental Economics VU Amsterdam and director Institute for Environmental Studies                     


Photography: Erikjan Koopmans