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Ourcoast experiences related to governance of the Wadden Region

Publication 2013-01

The Wadden Academy asked ARCADIS to explore the OURCOAST database and to come up with recommendations for good governance of the...

Cultural history

The Wadden Sea Region A World Class Cultural Landscape

The Wadden Sea Region A World Class Cultural Landscape is a publication of The Wadden Academy and the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat (CWSS).
The goal is...

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Clear as Mud: understanding fine sediment dynamics in the Wadden Sea - Action Plan

Publication 2011-02

This position paper was prepared on request of RWS North Netherlands, the Program Towards a Rich Wadden Sea and the Wadden...

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Wadden Academy KNAW annual report 2009 & 2010

The annual report on the first two full years of the existence of the Wadden Academy is a combination of scientific reporting on the activities...


Improving Benefit Transfer for Wetland Valuation

Publication 2011-01

Improving Benefit Transfer for Wetland Valuation: Income Adjustment and Economic Values of Ecosystem Goods and Services



Position paper on the sustainable use of cooling water from the Wadden Sea

What are the implications of large-scale cooling water extraction from current and future power stations for the Wadden Sea ecology? Can sustainable...


The Many Faces of Sustainability. Describing, analyzing and measuring sustainability in the Wadden region

Publication 2010-02

Position paper sustainability in the Wadden area.

Authors: René Jorna and Henk Hadders

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The Many Faces of...


Valuation of functions of the Wadden Area

Publication 2010-01

Authors: Henk Folmer, Anne van der Veen, C. Martijn van der Heide

This position paper is explores ways to employ valuation...

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Towards a trilateral research agenda of the Wadden Sea Area

In the brochure "Towards a trilateral research agenda of the Wadden Sea Area. The importance of international co-operation" the contours of an...

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The Wadden Sea in an international perspective. Current research in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands

Publication 2009-10
The Wadden Sea in an international perspective.
Overview of research in Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands. 

Author: P....