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Rob Verheem (CieMER, Director international affairs)
Initiates file downloadEnvironmental assessment and cumulative effects [PDF], [Video]

Pavel Kabat (IIASA, Director General and CEO) [KEYNOTE]
Cumulative effects in an integrated social-ecological system approach for scientific study and science-based management of the Wadden Sea Region [PDF], [Video]

Olaf Slakhorst (Province of Groningen)
Initiates file downloadDealing with cumulative effects of projects along the Wadden coast from a  legal and ecological perspective [PDF], [Video]

Arjan Berkhuysen (Waddenvereniging, Director)
Initiates file downloadAnd what about the Afsluitdijk? – How cumulative effects are (not) taken into  account in the Wadden Sea [PDF], [Video]

Judith Floor (WUR)
Which cumulative effects? – Effect assessments at science-policy boundaries [PDF], [Video]

Eelke Folmer (NIOZ, Ecospace)
A Bayesian Network approach for assessing cumulative effects [PDF], [Video]

Maarten Platteeuw (RWS-WVL)
Dealing with cumulative effects of offshore windfarms on marine ecology [PDF], [Video]

Mardik Leopold (IMARES)
How to add up apples and pears? Direct collision mortality and detrimental effects of habitat degradation of 100 offshore windfarms on seabirds [PDF], [Video]

Benjamin Halpern (NCEAS, Deputy Director) [KEYNOTE]
Assumptions, challenges and future directions in cumulative impact analysis [PDF]