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Symposium Towards a sustainable Ems-Dollard estuary

14th Symposium Waddenacademie June 25 and 26 2015

The Waddenacademie organised this symposium in co-operation with Groningen Seaports, Programma naar een Rijke Waddenzee, Provincie Groningen and Rijkswaterstaat.In the Ems-Dollard economic and industrial developments interact with nature and landscape, which may lead to conflicts between economic and ecological goals. The symposium discussed the past, present and future of these aspects for understanding the historical track towards the current-day state of the Ems-Dollard as a starting point for future planning, management and monitoring in order to foster a balanced economic - ecological development resulting in economic activities that do not harm the unique nature values of the UNESCO Worldheritage Wadden region. The first day of the symposium was filled with presentations and discussions, the second day consisted of an excursion by sailing vessels on the Ems-Dollard Estuary.

You can view a report of the first day, all presentations and a photo-impression of both days.