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Young Wadden Academy

The first five members of the Young Wadden Academy were installed on June 30 2016, during the 16th Symposium of the Waddenacademie, by Prof. dr. Pavel Kabat, member of the Supervisory Board of the Waddenacademie. May 13, 2019 the Supervisory Board appointed Melanie Bakema as the sixt member of the Young Wadden Academy.

The Waddenacademie decided to establish the Young Wadden Academy to encourage researchers to study the Wadden Sea Region, preferably in multidisciplinary teams.The Waddenacademie also wants to inspire young researchers to involve themselves more explicitly in policy that affects the Wadden Sea Region – policy that is sometimes of a politically sensitive nature.

The Young Wadden Academy also represents the next step in the plan of the Waddenacademie to rejuvenate research on the Wadden Sea. Thanks to its efforts, many dozens of young researchers – ranging from ecologists, economists, and public administration specialists to historians, geophysicists and so on – are now involved in Wadden-related research. The Waddenacademie believes that it is important for disciplines to work together now. New scientific breakthroughs must encourage and guarantee that we preserve and properly manage the Wadden Sea as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Young Wadden Academy ended Ocotber 1, 2021.