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Poster Competition

Open to researchers, students, farmers and entrepreneurs attending the conference

Would you like to share results of your thesis or research project? During the Saline Futures Conference, you can present it to a broad audience including academics and business professionals. We invite you to take part in a poster competition, present your work and win a prize! Winners will receive a price of 500 EUR, travel grants and certificates of attendance.  

The aim of this conference is to showcase the global potential of saline agriculture.  All stakeholders are invited, including political decision-makers, business operators, land managers, civic society, researchers and research planners.  With your participation, we aim to create a platform for researchers and research-users to enhance food production on saline lands.

Research underway in the North Sea countries and elsewhere in the world illustrates the vast and as yet underrated potential of growing food on soils generally qualified as saline. Food production on present and future saline soils deserves the world’s attention particularly because 1) food security is a pressing issue, 2) millions of hectares of degraded soils are available world-wide, 3) fresh water is becoming increasingly scarce, and 4) global sea-level rise threatens food production in fertile coastal lowlands.

The conference intends to build on the conclusions of earlier conferences, such as FAO’s Global Forum on Salinization and Climate Change, Salinity Forum and ICBA’s International Workshop on Climate Change and Soil Salinity Dynamics.

Poster Competition

Scientific posters aim to present a visual exploration of research ideas. They help to engage both scholars and non-scholars in discussing ideas and facilitating dialogue and increase impact of your research.


  1. Participants can be teams or individuals. Teams will be judged in the category of its most senior member; a prize awarded will be split across the team.
  2. Posters applications must include the following information: Poster in pdf format, Name and current institutional affiliation of the applicant, Postal and email address, Name of degree and university affiliation for students.
  3. The poster must in some way engage with a saline agriculture, food and climate individually or in relation to the other conference themes.
  4. The poster must not cram too much information (max 500 words + references). It must have a clear question, brief method, clear analysis and results. Use images and infographics of appropriate resolution.
  5. Both portrait and landscape format are accepted. The size of the posters should be A1.
  6. Please register as a poster presenter, you have to bring a print out of your poster with you.
  7. Deadline for poster submission is 30 June 2019. Please send the poster (a PDF version) to Katarzyna Negacz (
  8. All posters must be set up before the conference starts on 10 of September and must remain up until it ends on 11 September. Materials must then be removed.
  9. The author of the poster must present the poster on 10 and 11 September. Opportunities for presentation are during the coffee breaks before and during the conference and during the lunch breaks.

Assessment Criteria and Prizes

Posters will be judged by a jury. The judges will consider each poster’s relevance to the topic, the quality of the poster and the way in which the presenter presents the topic and answers questions during its presentation.

The winning posters will be announced at the end of the closing plenary on 11 September and, depending on the number of posters submitted, we expect to have different categories of prizes. The winning posters will also be displayed on the Waddenacademie website. If you have any questions, please contact Katarzyna Negacz (