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Master theses

Author: Esma Dolgun (TUDelft & Politecnico di Torino, Architecture For Sustainability Design)
Date: Juni 2022
REDESIGNING FLOODSCAPES; Integrated Flood Defence Infrastructures towards a sustainable and adaptive approach within the land and seascapes of Harlingen, NL


Author: Christa van Oorschot (Wageningen University and Research, International Land and Water Management)
Date: April 2022
Understanding the Wadden. A research about the very meaning of the Wadden and the idea to assign rights to its nature (pdf 2,9 Mb)


Author: Jamie Betz (Utrecht University, Master Cultural Anthropology: Sustainable Citizenship)
Date: Jun 2022
Being with the Wadden Seascape.Understanding How Inhabitants of Terschelling Relate to the Seascape and Negotiate Feelings of Belonging in the Context of Frictional Transformations (pdf 1,9 Mb).


Author: Nelle Kloosterboer (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Environment and Resource Management - Faculty of Science, VU)
Date: July 2020
Plastic management and development on islands (pdf 2 Mb).


Author: Mare Anne de Wit (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Environment and Resource Management)
Date: 29 Juni 2020
Saline Prospects. An Assessment of the viability of saline farming of quinoa and seed potatoes in the Netherlands (pdf 2 Mb).


Author: Anne Hilarides (University of Twente, Environmental & Energy Management)
Date: December 2019
Dealing with salinization in ‘Fryslân’, an elaboration of costs and benefits of applying ‘SeepCat.’ technology (pdf 3 mb).


Author: Tim Beeris (University Utrecht, Faculty of Social Science, Cultural Anthropology)
Date: August 2018
Belonging to Paesens-Moddergat: friction in a village next to the Wadden-Sea; A study on different feelings of belonging, changing interests and hu-man-environment relations (pdf 2,2 Mb).


Author: Sander van Alphen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Faculty of Humanities, Master Heritage Studies)
Date: February 2018
Tidal dynamics; The hydro-biography as a guide for future water management in the Lauwersmeer (summary) (pdf 0,4 Mb).


Author: Karima el Bay (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Date: July 2015
An International Research and Experimentation Center for Saline Agriculture in the Wadden Area (pdf 1,2 Mb).


Author: Jonas Papenborg en Remco van der Togt (Wageningen UR, Landscape Architecture
Date: December 2012
The Ems Hybrid; a Landscape Design for a Troubled Estuary (pdf 23 Mb).


Author: Jasper Heslinga (RUG & Korea University)
Date: December 2011
Korean tidal flats: unique places where nature meets economy (pdf 1 Mb).


Author: Niels van Helmond (UU)
Date: August 2010
Palynological and organic geochemical characterization of marine and terrestrial Early Pleistocene climate in northwest Europe (pdf 1,9 Mb).


Author: Roeland Bom (UvA)
Date: June 2010
Can speed and tri-axial acceleration measured by biologgers be used to classify Oystercatcher behaviour? (pdf 1 Mb).


Auteur: Jeltje Jouta (RUG)
Datum: June 2010
Food web assembly along salt marsh succession: A stable isotope approach (pdf 1,9 Mb).


Author: Petra Westerlaan (UU)
Date: March 2010
Resilience in the Wadden ecosystem (pdf 3,2 Mb).

Author: Merel den Held (WUR)
Date: July 2009
Is the metapopulation concept applicable to the North Sea? (pdf 1,6 Mb).

Author: Bas van Leeuwen (UT)
Date: January 2008
Modeling mussel bed influence on fine sediment dynamics on a Wadden Sea intertidal flat (pdf 4,8 Mb).