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Knowledge dissemination

The Waddenacademie wishes to promote an effective information structure and knowledge exchange between research institutes, government, industry and social organisations. We are doing this is by organizing (international) symposia and publishing position papers.

In addition to identifying gaps in our knowledge of the Wadden Sea Region and programming research that improves this knowledge, the Wadden Academy aims to disseminate the outcome of this research to the general public, policymakers, students and researchers.  In order to achieve these goals, the Wadden Academy has launched several projects, including the following initiatives:

PhD theses

This website presents a summary of theses that are related to the Wadden Sea Region and have been kindly supplied by the authors to the Wadden Academy. A pdf file is available for download. Up until now, all theses have been supplied by PhDs affiliated to Dutch universities. However, we strongly encourage students from German, Danish or other universities to submit their work.

Master Theses

The wadden area is often a topic for students to do research and write their master thesis about it. We gathered wadden related master theses that have appeared in recent years at various universities. Read more.


In cooperation with the Wadden Sea Society, the Waddenacademie publishes news articles on scientific papers that appeared in peer-reviewed magazines relating to the Wadden Sea Region. The aim of this initiative is to make Wadden research more accessible to the general public. These articles are available only in Dutch.



Every other year, the Waddenacademie presents an award - the 'Waddenacademieprijs' - to the best thesis related to the Wadden Sea Region. More information.