Announcement: International Cooling Water Workshop

Organized by Waddenacademie-KNAW and RWS Centre for Water Management, Thursday 4 November 2010, Nieuweschans (NL).

Background and Objective
There is a tendency to plan increasing numbers of new power stations along the borders of the Wadden Sea and its estuaries. Together with the already existing plants this means that increasing volumes of cooling water are used and discharged, which may eventually cause an impact on the ecosystem by the extraction and mortality of organisms and the thermal input.

What does the intake of cooling water mean for the ecosystem and (how) can a sustainable use of cooling water be realised?

These questions will be addressed in an international workshop, organised on behalf of the Waddenacademy-KNAW and RWS Centre for Water Management. The aim of the workshop is to draw the attention to cooling water as an aspect of large-scale energy generation, ways to assess the impact of cooling water extraction, and to discuss the expected developments in the near future.
Furthermore, the workshop will help identifying knowledge gaps, synergies and possibilities for innovation with regard to the development of new techniques and initiatives along the Wadden Sea (estuaries).

Who shall attend?
Invited are policy makers, scientists, industry, consultants and non-governmental organizations. The number of participants is limited to 75 persons.

Further information and registration
During lunch break there is the opportunity for a poster session. Participants are invited to present posters or short demo's of new techniques to reduce the impact of cooling water, or to show brochures of planned power stations along the Wadden Sea coast.
Please contact Zwanette Jager if you are interested in presenting your project.

Participants are asked to confirm their attendance before the 15th of October at the secretariat of the Waddenacademie-KNAW:
Mrs. Sjerpy Joustra
Tel. +31 (0) 58 233 9030

For questions concerning the contents of the workshop you may contact Dr. Zwanette Jager (ZiltWater Advies):, Tel. +31 (0)6 13956907.

De Oude Remise (zie: site))
Oudezijl 1, 9693 PA Nieuweschans
Route:see Google Maps
Preliminary program

09.45 h - Reception with coffee
10:15 h - Opening by the chair, Prof Dr. Peter Herman (Waddenacademie-KNAW, NIOO)
10:30 h - Introduction by Zwanette Jager (ZiltWater Advies) and Frides Laméris (Tebodin)
11:00 h - Policy in the Netherlands (RWS Centre for Water Management)
11:30 h - Policy in Germany (NLWKN)
12:00 - 12:15 h Discussion
12:15 h - 13:45 h: LUNCH break with poster presentations etc.
13:45 h - Measures to reduce impingement: BAT/Bref by Maarten Bruijs (KEMA)
14:15 h - Monitoring and impact assessment by Tim Vriese (AT-KB)
14:45 h - TEA BREAK
15:00 h - Monitoring and impact assessment by German speaker (to be confirmed)
15:30 h - Experiences from the practice by Bart van Keulen (Electrabel)
16:00 h - Plenary discussion: gaps in knowledge, synergy and cooling water strategy
16:30 h - Drinks..