First Announcement: International Symposium on the Ecology of the Wadden Sea

The International Symposium on the Ecology of the Wadden Sea is a joined initiative of NIOZ, DELTARES, IMARES, Wadden Academy and ZKO

10-14 October 2011
Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
Texel, The Netherlands

Ecology of the Wadden Sea: the importance of scale and connectivity

The Wadden Sea is a very dynamic environment, reflecting the effects of both natural as well as humaninduced stressors and the geographically distinct regions are considered to be the result of the interplay between biotic and abiotic processes. Not only direct species interactions, but also regional factors and history are thought to affect or determine the local organisation of biotic communities and hence ecosystem functioning. In turn, these physical and biological variables on a small spatial scale are influenced by variables on larger spatial scales. Since the publication of the standard books on the Ecology of the Wadden Sea edited by Wim J. Wolff in 1983, almost three decades have passed. During this period our knowledge of the Wadden Sea has improved considerably and the objective of this symposium is to summarize and integrate that knowledge: how do biological and physical processes in the Wadden Sea interact over multiple spatial and temporal scales and how does it affect ecosystem functioning.

The symposium will be centered on a number of topics related to the overall focus of the importance of
scale and connectivity in the functioning of the Wadden Sea ecosystem. Each topic will be introduced by a key-note, followed by a number of oral presentations. In addition, various poster sessions will deal with all topics. We emphasize that this symposium is different from the regular trilateral International Scientific Wadden Sea conferences.

Scientific programme
The preliminary programme includes the following theme sessions:
[1] Sediment transport, turbidity, the silt balance, morphodynamics and bio- engineers
[2] New insights in nutrient cycles
[3] Transport and fate of contaminants
[4] Predator/prey relationships
[5] Carrying capacity
[6] Large scale and long-term changes in the ecosystem
[7] New conceptual insights due to more high resolution observations
[8] Governance and adaptive management

2nd announcement: scheduled for February 2011.

The Symposium proceedings will be published in special volumes in the Journal of Sea Research,
produced by Elsevier. All manuscripts submitted before October 15th 2011 will be considered for
publication and submitted to the normal peer review process, whether presented orally or as poster.
Authors instructions can be found at the internet site of the journal: The journal has no publication fee.

The symposium is open to all scientists and others who are interested in the status of the ecology of the Wadden Sea. The number of participants will be limited to about 150 persons. Those who are interested in attending or in contributing posters and papers are invited to register and submit abstracts if appropriate via the symposium web site: Deadline for submission of abstracts is May 1th 2011. Posters and talks will be selected from the applications by the Scientific steering committee before the end of June 2011.

Registration fee
The registration fee amounts Euro 200 and includes coffee/tea, lunches social events and other
incidentals, but not accommodation, conference dinner and proceedings.
Information on registration and available accommodations will be posted on the symposium website.

More information:

First Announcement (PDF, 0,2 Mb)