Publication Emerging Landscapes. Between Production and Representation

Emerging Landscapes reflects on the state of landscape and its future, mapping those practices that creatively address the boundaries between possibility, opportunity and action in imagining and shaping landscape.

Cover Emerging Landscapes

Drawing on the synergies between the fields of architecture and photography, this collection takes a multidisciplinary approach, combining practice-based research with scholarly essays. It explores and critically reassesses the interface between representation – the imaginary and symbolic shaping of the human environment – and  production – the physical and material changes wrought on the land. At a time of environmental crisis and the ‘end of nature’, shifting geopolitical boundaries and economic downturn.

Rona Lee, one of the speakers at the symposium Sense of Place, 11 &12 June at Terschelling contributed to this book by writing Chapter 7. Truthing Gap. Imagining a Relational Geography of the Sub-Maritime.

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