Results of the International conference Deltas in Times of Climate Change

The first international delta conference Deltas in Times of Climate Change took place 29 September - 1 October 2010 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and was a tremendous success. The conference attracted over 1.200 participants from all over the world and from different backgrounds: science, policy and practice.

The participants debated climate adaptation strategies for deltas and delta cities and exchanged knowledge, which was widely offered in 70+ sessions. Many contacts between scientists, policy makers and practitioners were established, refreshed and deepened. Relations between delta cities in and outside Connecting Delta Cities(CDC) were strengthened and the Delta Alliance was launched.
Several awards were presented: Delta City of the Future, Best Young Delta Scientist, DeltaCompetition2010.

Some of the main conclusions of the conference:

 *   an integrative approach is essential for deltas to adapt to climate change
 *   climate adaptation offers an abundance of economic opportunities, i.e. mass retrofitting and innovative building and architecture
 *   megacities with subsidence are extra vulnerable to climate change
 *   competing land claims will continue
 *   we already have the techniques, we should focus on its application
 *   we do not lack knowledge as much as skilled people who can practically apply adaptation measures
 *   health issues related to climate change are neglected
 *   delta cities refuse to wait for their governments to take action: they set up their own bilateral, urban and private initiatives
 *   delta cities demand a formalised position in the allocation of international funds

Results of the conference, presentations, speeches, audio, video, meeting reports, picture galleries can be found on the website.