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Landscape design book "Fluid Soils" 

The Landscape design book "Fluid Soils" Co)Designing for the Wadden Sea Landscapes" is out. This publication is the fruit of the Graduation Studio Water Landscapes of Crisis and Hope guided by Laura Cipriani and held during the 2021-22 and 2022-23 academic years at TU Delft, Section of Landscape Architecture.

Cover Fluid soils

The relationship between soil and water is at the center of interest now more than ever. Despite being a UNESCO World Heritage Site of extraordinary environmental value and beauty, the Wadden Sea, its territories, and its people now face an uncertain future while wrestling with latent climatic, economic-productive, and social crises. Subsidence increased by gas extraction and peat oxidation, soil erosion, saltwater intrusion, eutrophication, and agricultural water pollution testify to a territory in the throes of long-term repossession by the sea.

Can we (co)design the Wadden Sea landscapes? How can we transform these emergencies into opportunities? Based upon applied research work in regional scenario-making and local design projects, the book attempts to imagine the present and future of the Wadden Sea and its hinterland by adopting (co)designing approaches. Peatlands, mudscapes, agriculture, energy, and heritage all intersect to encourage economies and social inclusion projects where the landscapes of soil and water become the driving force to overcome the crises.

Download:  Fluid Soils: (Co)Designing for the Wadden Sea Landscapes via the repository of the TUDelft.