Mini-symposium 'Restoration of shellfish beds'

12 april  NIOZ Texel

Mini-symposium 'Restoration of shellfish beds'

NIOZ Texel
12 april

On the occasion of the PhD defence of Andreas Waser on April 13th, a mini-symposium 'Restoration of shellfish beds' will be held at NIOZ Texel on the 12th of April.

If you like to attend the symposium, please send an e-mail to meet(at) before the 6th of April.
The entrance is free.

13:00 Opening/Welcome
Jaap van der Meer (NIOZ) / Bruno Ens (Sovon)
13:05 Physical disturbance caused by shellfish harvesting: a proposal for best practises
Michel Kaiser (Bangor University, UK)
13:50 Shellfisch history in the northern Wadden Sea
Karsten Reise (AWI, Germany)
14:20 Restroing flat oyster beds:
return of the native facilitated by the invasive?
Tom van der Have (BuWa) / Pauline Kamermans (WMR)
14:50 Break
15:20 Influence of biotic factors on mussel bed survival
Andreas Waser (NIOZ)
16:05 The importance of habitat-modifying interactions for intertidal mussel beds
Tjisse van der Heijde (NIOZ/RUG)
16:35 What have we learned from Mosselwad and Waddensleutels
Peter Herman (Deltares)
17:05 Drinks