Themes and sessions

Theme A: Identity and people


1. Living on heritage islands
2. Shared interests and competition between groups of islands
3. Island shared identities across national boundaries
5. Islands and emotions: how does insularity affect people?
5. Islands surrounded by land: the identity of former islands
6. Island photography: visual representation of islands
7. Islands and literature
8. Narrative structures of identity and insular ironies of homecoming

Theme B: Geography and nature


9.  Unique ecological characteristics of islands
10. Island biogeography and implications for conservation
11. Natural resources on and around islandsIslands and climate change
12. Infrastructure, transportation and connectivity of islands
13. Remoteness of islands and interactions with the mainland
14. Disappearing islands / Islands and climate change

Theme C: Economic development


15. Entrepreneurship, tourism and economic development
16. Visitor pressure on islands
17. Rethinking models for island development  
18. The future of island youth
19. Island agriculture, fisheries and conservation
20. Green /Blue Growth, sustainable development and climate change on islands
21. Islands as icons in sustainability discourses and laboratories for innovation

Theme D: Governance


22. Colonial and post-colonial islands
23. Islands as contested areas
24. Islands of the future, or artificial islands
25. Island disaster management and social impact analysis
26. Safety and security of islands
27. The legacy of European Capitals of Culture

We also welcome papers that seek to advance island studies theory and discuss the state of (inter)disciplinary island studies.