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Call for abstracts

Make your contribution to the second international scientific conference on SWIMWAYs of coastal fish to be held between 17th and 19th April 2024 in Groningen, The Netherlands.

In order to fully protect fish life cycles, knowledge on the weakest links in those life cycles is needed for effective conservation. Fish conservation efforts can be strengthened by practical management perspectives. Learning from both successful and failed current management measures will advance our understanding of how management can be adjusted to mitigate or eliminate life cycle bottlenecks. At the same time, the advancement in research and practical applications in management are shedding light on knowledge gaps still hampering conservation of fish life cycles. Thus, it seems logical that, like the first SWIMWAY conference held in 2019 in Hamburg, Germany, the second SWIMWAY conference will further explore:

  • Drivers of fish populations utilizing coastal marine environments during their ontogeny
  • Potential bottlenecks throughout the life cycle and, eventually
  • Effectivity and efficiency of current and foreseen management measures
  • Observed and projected impacts on estuarine fish populations through large-scale anthropogenic impacts (e. g. with regard to food, mobility, energy, fisheries) and environmental change (e. g. continuous and sudden temperature change, underwater noise, chemical pollution, eutrophication)

We encourage scientists, representatives of the responsible authorities and conservation NGOs, water managers, and policy makers to give an oral or poster presentation at the conference. Talks and posters should relate to one or more of the following topics:

-    Life cycles of fish with connectivity to coastal estuarine systems, including bottlenecks
-    Causes and consequences of fish population dynamics in coastal areas
-    Evaluation of successful or failed current management measures to improve fish populations
-    Guidelines for taking environmental change and transitions into account when developing management measures (including infrastructure) to protect coastal fish
-    Added value of collaborative projects (e.g., site-managers, scientists, stakeholders, citizen scientists)

Submit your abstract

To submit an abstract, please fill in the form (below) and include the following information:
•    Name(s) of the Author(s)
•    Contact details, affiliation
•    Proposed title
•    A 200-300 word max. abstract
•    3-5 keywords
•    Information whether your abstract is for oral or poster presentation or if both would be feasible for you

Abstract submission for oral presentations is open until October 30 2023. Notification of the decision on abstracts is scheduled for 22 November 2023. We only accept submissions for poster presentations.

We aim at completing the programme as soon as possible, so early submissions will result in early evaluation and invitation, and would ensure consideration of the abstract for the conference programme

Looking forward to seeing you in Groningen in April 2024.