Spring naar hoofd-inhoud


The Symposium ISISA2018 starts in the City of Leeuwarden in the Provence of Fryslân, the Netherlands. Leeuwarden is Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018. This means that there are a lot of activities and projects in the city during the year.

Join DNALWD2018

Participants of the ISISA2018 Symposium can join in the project DNA Leeuwarden by sharing your ‘DNA’ and help building the story of Leeuwarden.

You are kindly invited to bring something small from yourself, your country or your island to Leeuwarden.

On the day of arrival, June 10, during the Icebreaker reception you can fill the DNA tube that is in your Symposium bag. Volunteers of the DNALWD2018 project will be present at the registration desk during the reception to collect your tube and help you register your tube and your story on the website of DNALWD2018 (only in Dutch). All this creative DNA together forming one work of art that is exposed in the town hall of Leeuwarden.

More information and frequently asked questions about the project below the pictures.

Are you joining in building the story of Leeuwarden?

You. Your friends. Your family. Your club. Help us build our DNA work of art. Make it just a little more unique and complete by adding your story. Sign up NOW on www.dnalwd2018.nl to share a little piece of yourself. And hand on your DNA far into the distant future.

What kind of 058-DNA can I share?

You fill the tube with items important to you.  A story, a poem, a (child's) drawing, a picture or shell van de Wadden or the little card that you will find in the DNALWD2018 goodie bag. Anything is possible, it’s up to you, as long as it fits into one tube. On our website (www.dnalwd2018.nl) you can also share audio files, photos and videos if you like. And, of course, anything you want to keep private stays 100% private!

How can I find back my DNA tube?

Each tube has a unique number and a bar code. You have to register this tube online. The unique code will give you access to a personal page. Here you can tell something about what you left behind in your tube. You can answer some questions: what language do you speak, what is your favourite club, where do you come from? This way you will digitally leave your DNA-track far into the distant future. And who knows.. maybe, in one hundred years or more, it will be found again by your future great-great-grandchildren..

How do I participate?

Bring something that fits into a DNA tube to the Symposium ISISA2018. At the registration desk you will receive a DNA-tube and some information. During the ice-breaker reseption in the Blokhuispoort volunteers of the project will help you to register at www.dnalwd2018.nl. After this you just fill your tube with your item and create your personal DNA-webpage and add your story. Then you can hand your tube at the volunteer of the DNALWD2018 project. They will bring the tube to the masterpiece. 

You can also send your DNA tube later by mail (no stamp needed) to:
Antwoordnummer 6210
8900VC Leeuwarden

Where can I see the work of art?

This masterpiece can be seen in the municipal office building of Leeuwarden at the Oldehoofsterkerkhof. The place where, ages ago, the very first “Leeuwarders” settled on a mound at the “Middelzee”. But it’s also the place where birth- and death certificates can be obtained. A place where stories begin and where stories end. In short, the perfect location for collecting and displaying the DNA of Leeuwarden.

Who came up with this idea?

DNALWD2018 is an idea of Hein de Graaf, Joop Zwart and Marijke Tiemersma. The basic thought of this concept was: ' how does a group of individuals grow into a society'.
And this concept is now being developed into a work of art in which all ‘Leeuwarders’ are represented. A work of art that tells the story of Leeuwarden. Our story.