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The Wadden Academy has taken several initiatives to promote the exchange of scientific knowledge:

PhD theses
On this website the Wadden Academy presents theses that are related to the Wadden Sea Region. A pdf file is available for download.

In cooperation with the Wadden Sea Society, the Wadden Academy publishes news articles on scientific papers that appeared in peer-reviewed magazines relating to the Wadden Sea Region. The aim of this initiative is to make Wadden research more accessible to the general public. Every week, a new item is published in the 'WadWeten' section of our website and on the website of the Wadden Sea Society. These articles are based on recent scientific publications concerning various fields of research, including biology, geology and cultural history.
These articles are available only in Dutch.

For the realisation of an effective information structure and knowledge exchange, it is essential to map out the accessibility of data and archives. This concerns data and information from various disciplines: geology, ecology, cultural history, social and spatial economy, urban and rural planning, climate and water, etc. In cooperation with Interwad and Tresoar (Frisian Historical and Literary Centre), the opportunities for a Wadden information system - entitled WISWAD - are being explored. Traced data will be incorporated into this virtual environment.