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On this page you will find all publications issued by the Wadden Academy. In the selection bar below you can filter publications by theme. If you are looking for a specific title or author, you can also use the special Publication search page.

[Translate to english:] Rapport Where Mud Matters

The current silt dynamics in the Wadden Sea are markedly influenced by human activities and interventions, such as the dredging of waterways and the…

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Cover Climate change and Ecology

Climate change is one of the most important issues of our time, with global effects that are becoming clearer every year. Concern is growing,…

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Cover report An assessment of present day and future sea level rise at the Dutch coast

Report on request of the Programme towards a Rich Wadden Sea to compile a brief guidance document to reveal some outstanding topics concerning…

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Cover report Climate change effects on Wadden Sea birds along the East Atlantic flyway

The Programme Towards a Rich Wadden Sea (PRW) asked the Waddenacademie to carry out a literature review and, on that basis, assess what climate change…

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Cover book Waddenland Outstanding

Editors: Linde Egberts and Meindert Schroor

In december 2016 the Waddenacademie — together with the German Nordfriisk Instituut (in Bredstedt) and…

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Cover Special Issue Netherlands Journal of Geosciences

The Waddenacademie and Programma naar een Rijke Waddenzee asked prof.dr. Bert Vermeersen (NIOZ/TUD): Sea level rise; prof.dr. Peter Fokker (TNO):…

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Cover sustainable tourism

Publication 2018-01

Authors: Frans Sijtsma and Stefan Hartman

In order to provide the discussion on sustainable tourism in the Wadden Sea Region…

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 Cover Trilateral Research Agenda

The Trilateral Research Agenda was developed by the scientific community from Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands in a joint effort for identifying…

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The utility of Bayesian Belief Networks for analysis of cumulative effects in the Wadden Sea

Publication 2016-05

Author: dr. Eelke Folmer

At the request of the Wadden Academy ecologist Dr. Eelke Folmer identified in a position paper on how…

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Cover position paper fish

Audit, commissioned by the Wadden Fund to the question of what the most effective measures are to strengthen the stocks of migratory fish in the…

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