Geoscientific Research in the Wadden Sea Region: NJG special issue_online

12 november 2012 - This special issue of the international scientific journal ‘Netherlands Journal of Geosciences’ includes papers presenting different aspects of geoscientific research in the Wadden Sea Region, namely natural morphodynamic development, present-day buildup of the subsurface, impact of climate change on groundwater systems and safety of the coastal zone, as well as management aspects concerning the use of the subsurface of the Wadden Sea area.

All articles are available pdf format below.

Members of Royal Geological and Mining Society of the Netherlands receive a hard copy of this journal. More information:

Geoscientific research in the Wadden Sea region (editorial) (pdf 2 Mb).
J.M. Verweij & J. Schokker

Morphodynamic development and sediment budget of the Dutch Wadden Sea over the last century (pdf 9,5 Mb).
E.P.L. Elias, A.J.F. van der Spek, Z.B. Wang & J. de Ronde

Turning the tide: experimental creation of tidal channel networks and ebb deltas (pdf 5,6 Mb).
M.G. Kleinhans, M. van der Vegt, R. Terwisscha van Scheltinga, A.W. Baar & H. Markies

Morphodynamics of a storm-dominated, shallow tidal inlet: the Slufter, the Netherlands (pdf 6,6 Mb).
M. van der Vegt & P. Hoekstra

Unraveling the shallow geology of the western Wadden Sea using high resolution seismics (pdf 1,5 Mb).
B.F. Paap, C.W. Dubelaar, J.L. Gunnink & A.P. Oost

Towards a process-based model to predict dune erosion along the Dutch Wadden coast (pdf 10,8 Mb).
B.G. Ruessink, M. Boers, P.F.C. van Geer, A.T.M. de Bakker, A. Pieterse, F. Grasso &
R.C. de Winter

Groundwater salinisation in the Wadden Sea area of the Netherlands: quantifying the effects of climate change, sea-level rise and anthropogenic interferences (pdf 11,2 Mb)
P. Pauw, P.G.B. de Louw & G.H.P. Oude Essink

The effective subsidence capacity concept: How to assure that subsidence in the Wadden
Sea remains within defined limits?
(pdf 6 Mb).
J.A. de Waal, J.P.A. Roest, P.A. Fokker, I.C. Kroon, J.N. Breunese, A.G. Muntendam-Bos,
A.P. Oost & G. van Wirdum