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Poster session

During the lively poster session with over 30 excellent posters, participants voted for the best poster. The poster presented by Piet van den Hout on population dynamics of the bird species red knot won the competition. Several of the voters made reference to the importance of the work that was presented by him and co-authors.

The pdfs of the posters and abstracts are available below. For each thematic session three posters were selected for a 5-minute presentation during the warm-up at the start of each plenary thematic session in the main lecture hall. These presentations are also available below.

Theme Climate and Water

Gertjan Zwolsman (KWR Watercycle Research Institute)
Sustainable use and protection of groundwater resources in delta areas
Abstract (pdf) Presentation (pdf) Video

Jurre de Vries (NIOZ)
On the spatial variability of currents and density in the Marsdiep  
Abstract (pdf) Poster (pdf) Presentation (pdf) Video

Jasper Donker (Utrecht University)
The physical impact of ice on mussel beds
Poster (pdf) Presentation (pdf) Video

Matias Duran Matute (NIOZ)
A first step towards SPM transport modelling in the Dutch Wadden Sea
Abstract (pdf)

Johannes Becherer (Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde)
Evidence of tidal straining in well-mixed channel flow from micro-structure observations
Poster (pdf)

Theme Biodiversity

Alexandra Markert (Senckenberg am Meer, Wilhelmshaven)
Biological habitat amelioration: Mytilus-stock supported by dense Crassostrea-reefs
Abstract (pdf) Poster (pdf) Presentation (pdf) Video

Jennifer Welsh (NIOZ)
Pathogen dilution effects in the Wadden Sea: How invasive species release natives from pathogen pressure
Presentation (pdf) Poster (pdf) Video

Eldar Rakhimberdiev (NIOZ)
Modern techniques in survival analyses uncover hidden population declines in Red Knot  Biodiversity
Abstract (pdf) Poster (pdf) Presentation (pdf) Video

Tanya Compton (NIOZ)
Ontogenetic habitat associations of the common cockle Cerastoderma edule
Poster (pdf)

Alma de Groot (IMARES Wageningen UR)
Vegetated dune and swale formation on barrier islands
Abstract (pdf) Poster (pdf)

Marc van Roomen (Sovon)
Population trends for coastal migratory waterbirds in the East Atlantic Flyway: A new initiative for monitoring in coastal West Afric
Poster (pdf)

Hélène de Paoli (NIOZ)   
Effect of spatial self-organization on the persistence of new settled mussel beds in the Wadden Sea
Abstract (pdf)

Sarina Jung (NIOZ)
The impact of biological invasions on the Wadden Sea food web (INFOWEB) 
Abstract (pdf ) Poster (pdf)

Anouk Goedknegt (NIOZ)
Effects of invasive species on native predator-prey and pathogen-host webs
Abstract (pdf ) Poster (pdf)

Els van der Zee (NIOZ)
Spatially extended habitat modification by intertidal reef-building bivalves affects shorebird distribution
Poster (pdf)

Serena Donadi (University of Groningen)
Mussels and cockles facilitate microphytobenthos at different spatial scales 

Jeltje Jouta (NIOZ)
Spoonbills as indicator of the Wadden Sea condition
Poster (pdf)

Theme Science for Management and Policy

Diana Giebels (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Governing integral decision-making processes facing the Environmental Knowledge Paradox: Do we need a cultural shift?  Exploring and evaluating approaches of adaptive governance in the North European Wadden Sea
Poster (pdf) Presentation (pdf) Video

Jongseong Ryu (Anyang University, South Korea)   
Using the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) in SWOT analysis ? a hybrid model and its application to prioritization of estuary management options in Korea
Poster (pdf) Presentation (pdf) Video

Tsung-Ting Ko (Institute of Coastal Research, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Germany)   
A dynamic strategy map model for national park management
Abstract (pdf) Poster (pdf) Presentation (pdf) Video

Karel Essink (Sunken History Foundation)
Historic finds evaluations; bridging a gap between people and science

Narangerel Davaasuren (IMARES)   
Classification of Mussel Beds in the Wadden Sea using high resolution WorldView-2 satellite data
Abstract (pdf) Poster (pdf)

Franke van der Molen (University of Groningen)
Practices of connecting governance and knowledge
Abstract (pdf) Poster (pdf)

Rob Loke (IMARES Wageningen UR)
A new ILTER task force for the trilateral Wadden Sea area
Poster (pdf)

Lieke Mulder (NIOZ)
Identifying key drivers of intra annual DIP dynamics in the western Wadden Sea: what is the importance of intertidal flats? 
Abstract (pdf)

Theme Sustainability and Ecosystem Services

Luca van Duren (Deltares)
Eelgrass restoration in the Dutch Wadden Sea
Poster (pdf) Presentation (pdf) Video

Daniel  Puente Rodríguez (University of Groningen)   
Assessing the concept of communities of practice for enabling a sustainable transition of the mussel culture in the Dutch Wadden Sea
Abstract (pdf) Poster (pdf) Presentation (pdf) Video

Frederik Zwart (Staatsbosbeheer distr. Friese Wadden)    
Living dune landscape on Terschelling
Poster (pdf) Presentation (pdf) Video

Daan Gerla  (IMARES Wageningen UR)
Wadden Sea ecosystem modelling: what did we reach sofar?