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Photo-impression Symposium ISISA2018

Below you will find photo's of the 16th Islands of the World Conference 2018, in Leeuwarden and the Island Terschelling. Click on the photo for a slideshow per day.

June 10

Registration, words of welcome by Godfrey Baldacchino (president ISISA), Jouke van Dijk (director Waddenacademie) and Oeds Westerhof (director network & legacy LF 2018), granting of ISISA Scholarships 2018 and icebreaker reception in the Blokhuispoort, Leeuwarden.

June 11

Introduction by Oeds Westerhof (director network & legacy LF 2018) and reflections by Ferd Crone (mayor of Leeuwarden) and Alexiei Dingli (mayor of Valletta, also European Capital of Culture 2018). Key note theme I: Identity and people Beate Ratter (University of Hamburg), Parallel sessions, Bus excursion from Leeuwarden through the Frysian coast to Harlingen, Boat Harlingen – Terschelling, including dinner

June 12

Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz was the venue for key notes and central meetings. Bert Wassink, (mayor of Terschelling) welcomed ISISA2018 participants to Terschelling . Key note Theme II: Geography and nature by Pieter van de Beukering (Free University Amsterdam). Parallel sessions in Hotel Schylge and Willem Barentsz.

June 13

Excursion on the island Terschelling, visiting farmer Neeke, the Oerol project NAP of Marc van Vliet and meet the rangers in the dunes of Terschelling.

June 14

Key note Theme IV: Governance by Gert Oostindie (director KITLV):Lecture by Jori Wolf (State Forestry Service) Godfrey Baldacchino and scholarship awardees: Looking back, summing up and moving forward Conference Handover to Bojan Furst, (the Leslie Harris Centre of Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada).Preview Oerol project: Storyteller Sahand Sahebdivani sharing his story in church West-Terschelling.

June 15

Oerol performance by Collectief AM.OK / Plastique Fantastique

Photography: Gerard Roos