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Excursions Saline Futures Conference

12 and 13 September 2019

Thursday 12 and Friday 13 September field visits are planned to Texel (Salt Farm Foundation and NIOZ Seaweed Research Center), Terschelling (Sailing trip on the Wadden Sea, staying overnight and visit Zilte Smaak) and Emden (Ökowerk Emden in Germany). There are 5 excursions (registration is closed):

  1. Texel early 12 september (download pdf) (departure Leeuwarden 8:00, return Harlingen 16:30, Leeuwarden 17:00).
  2. Texel late 12 september (download pdf) (departure Leeuwarden 11:00, return Leeuwarden 19:30 p.m.)
  3. Terschelling 12 and 13 september (download pdf) (departure Leeuwarden 12 september 16:00, return Leeuwarden 13 september 20:00)
  4. Emden 12 september (download pdf) (The excursion to Emden 12 September is canceled)
  5. Emden 13 september (download pdf) (departure Leeuwarden 9:00, return Leeuwarden 18:00)

Combination options are limited due to departure times and dates:

  • the Terschelling excursion [3] can be combined only with the early Texel excursion [1]
  • both Texel excursions [1] and [2] can be combined with the Emden excursion [5] on Friday


The Terschelling excursion is a wonderful trip on a traditional sailing boat across the Waddensea, including a "Captain's Dinner" and an overnight stay on board to experience this UNESCO World Heritage site and its unique flora and fauna at its best. Therefore an additional payment of 100 € is required. Lunch and a ticket for a bycicle, a ferry ticket back to Harlingen and a train ticket back to Leeuwarden are also included. You must pay this 100 euro's in advance to be assured of a place on the boat. After receiving your payment, the booking is final.

The excursions to Texel and Emden include bus transfer and a lunch on site. These excursions are free of charge, but not without obligation. If you cannot appear, please send a cancellation e-mail to secretariaat@waddenacademie.nl a week in advance. Otherwise we would be forced to charge you additional costs incurred.

Registration for the excursions is closed now!