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Poster Competition

During the Saline Futures Conference, posters were presented to a broad audience including academics and business professionals. Researchers could take part in a poster competition, and win a prize! 

The organising committee selected two winners from 11 posters that were sent in advance:

Economic feasibility of salinization mitigation for sustainable agriculture Innovative fresh water measures from an economic perspective in the Wadden region in the Netherlands  (PDF 0,5 Mb)
Tine te Winkel Jouke Velstra Stijn Reinhard from the Netherlands

Salinization management using advanced information technologies and non conventional water resources (PDF 1,7 Mb)
P. Guillermo, J. Alarcón & F. Pedrero from Spain

In total 25 posters were presented. From these 25 posters the public selected a winner:

The Study of Iran's South Coastal Areas Development Using Saline Water and Soil Resources (PDF 5,9 Mb)
Mehdi Yazdanpanah & Javad Amini from Iran